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Custom Portraits have been a hit! And so have all the vinyl stickers! 

Which is why I've decided to combine the two!! 

Now you can get your favorite photos of you, your friends or family, or even your pets! Drawn in a cartoon portrait style and turned into a sticker! 

These stickers are the perfect gift items and they are perfect for water bottles, laptops, ipads, or just to display! 

Although I can do any number of people in the portrait, the less the better because you'll be able to see more facial features! As the number increases, each person will have to be shown in smaller capacities. My personal recommendation is no more than 5 people! (This includes pets). 

If you've ordered a custom portrait, the process is very similar! 


- 3 x 4-inch waterproof vinyl sticker 


- Place Order

- After placing your order please message me the photo or photos you would like me to use as your reference! The more natural light used, the better. If I cannot use your photo for whatever reason, I will let you know to send more! 

- Please also send me an email address to which you would like me to send your proofs. All custom portraits must be approved by the buyer before I print them out. 

- You will receive a proof via ETSY Messages and email within 4-7 days after I receive payment and photos. 

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Custom Portrait Vinyl Sticker

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